Windows 10 - DNS and NIC Nightmares

Today I was faced with a random issue that I have run into many times before, my Outlook refusing to connect to my remote Exchange server system.  This is a common issue that I have run into many times over different versions of Exchange and Outlook and normally it is pretty easy to fix.  This time, unfortunately it was not one of those quick and easy fixes that I normally like. Unfortunately this turned into an hour of frustration that ended on a positive not but still without the problem fixed (unfortunately).

The first normal step to figuring out why Outlook refuses to talk to my Exchange server using Outlook Anywhere is normally to make sure my DNS settings and functionality are working.  This is where the first problem was found that my DNS functionality of using nslookup did not want to connect.  During the process of trying to use nslookup I was thrown the error of "Unknown Server."  Now this can happen from time to time due to bad configuration of DNS or DNS a server being non-functional but it seems that all my problems started to happen right after Windows 10 got installed.  Long story short on this my friend suggested to uninstall my network interface controllers (NICs) from the computer and reinstall them.  Simple troubleshooting method you would think that people skip over from time to time right?  NO, this turned into 45 minutes of trying to get my network drivers to reinstall properly and show up on the computer, unfortunately nothing I did worked.  However, I did a system restore back to a previous earlier time this morning when I was uninstalling old software from my computer and magically my network started working again.  With the network starting to work again nslookup and DNS started to kick in fully and fixed itself; sometimes computers are just magical beast that want to work when they feel like it.  However, in the long run this still did not solve or resolve any of my Outlook Anywhere connectivity issues.

Morale of the story:  Don't let your friend's suggest to uninstall your NIC driveres on a brand new operating system without knowing if you can properly reinstall them!